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The ask

Create an integrated campaign that champions innovation for LIME scooters.

The insight

People are motivated by positive affirmation rather than cautionary preaching or negative reinforcement.

The solution

Utilize the data collected from active rides all around the world to show how fuel usage and emissions can be reduced in an impactful way when many people participate.

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How & why it works​

  • Kiosks Provides a solution to the parking problem.
  • Emission stats for individuals, communities, countries, and the world found on mobile and kiosks.

  • Pull up your account by scanning through the app.

  • Kiosks provide a hub and a solution to the parking and locating problem.


A way to explore the world by inviting potential riders to see foreign city streets through the eyes of a Lime rider.

Unlock your city

Exploring a new city on foot is the best way to experience local life, but can be time-consuming, confusing, and tiring.

The kiosks and app will also provide a means to plan your route in the city you are visiting with downloadable maps, perfect for tourists


Tune in on social

Viewers can scope out new cities they are interested in exploring by watching a live stream of a Lime rider zipping through urban locations.

Maps will be accessible and downloadble after the stream has ended. Clicking on numbers brings up landmarks and locations.

Create partnership opportunities

A great chance to partner with other brands like GoPro, Waze and Garmin.

Partner with local influencers and increase Lime's social media presence while also tapping into the influencer's existing audiences.

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Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 2.52.49 PM.png


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