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What we know

People are motivated by positive affirmation rather than cautionary preaching or negative reinforcement.

What we did

We created an integrated campaign that champions innovation by utilizing data collected from active rides all around the world. Now you can easily see just how impactful the reduction of fuel usage and emissions can be by using Lime.

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Compete and save the world​

  • Gamified emission stats for individuals, communities, countries, and the world found on mobile and kiosks.
  • Join the fun by scanning to pulling up your account.

  • Kiosks provide a hub = a solution to the parking and locating scooters problem.

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Unlock your city

Everyone knows exploring a new city on foot is the best way to experience local life, but it can be time-consuming to plan, confusing to navigate, and at times even dangerous. That's why we hit you with a means to plan your route in the city you are visiting.


Take a tour from home

Watch live streams of Lime riders zipping through urban locations and access countless maps of your choosing after the stream has end. Now you can efficiently check out those landmarks and locations on your list!

Partner up

The campaign offers a great chance to partner with other brands like GoPro, Waze and Garmin. We even did the work for you by hiring local travel influencers to become your guide.

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Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 2.52.49 PM.png


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