BK on the Way

Art Direction: Avian Angulo

Copywriting: Smitha Johnson

The ask

Burger King campaigns have shown a great innovation component when it comes to advertising and marketing.

Create a campaign that champions innovation for Burger King using these two campaigns as inspiration:

  • Whopper Detour

  • Burn that ad

Your ideas need to be new, fresh, and impactful.

The Insight

People crave fast food late at night, after an evening of drinking and partying. People also use rideshare apps to get home safely when they are tipsy and tired.

Why it fits

October 15th through October 27, 2019, Uber Eats offered free delivery on orders of $15 or more on Burger King favorites.

More information was listed on BK.com.


Uber Eats delivery is now available at participating Burger King restaurants. 

The promotion was accompanied by YouTube, Television, and Twitter advertisement videos.

When to innitiate​


December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month; it is a time to raise awareness about the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

reward those who don't drive drunk

Ride App Edit


  • Order a car through Uber between 1am-5am.
  • Add a stop at BK on your route home.

  • Pick up a free Whopper for yourself (and a free Whopper or coffee for your driver).

  • Drivers who already drive and deliver for Uber and Uber eats will be the first to participate.

BK Offers.jpg
BK Select Restaurant.jpg

Make it easy

Allow consumers to access participating drivers straight from the BK app as well as within the native Uber app.

Alter existing UI

Branded Elements, in-app advertisements with hyperlinks to functions within partner apps.

From left to right:

  1. Uber mobile app modded 

  2. BK app modded

  3. BK app store locator option added

Ride in style

Special edition window decals for participating Uber drivers.

Make it viral

The campaign will begin with a classic BK stunt: the King himself will be the Uber driver for certain lucky (and unsuspecting) riders.


Creating buzz through social media channels is essential to the success of the campaign.

BK-insta copy.png

What's in it

for the driver?

Safe driving choices begin with the driver, so it is important that they are rewarded as well!

Drivers who participate in this limited time promotion will have the choice between a fresh, flame-grilled Whopper or a cup of BK's signature dark roast.

whopper transparent.png