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Discover Radio FG, France's premier house / dance web radio network

What we know

People yearn for fresh and exhilarating experiences and real house heads love to be the first to share sick new tracks with their friends.

Creative goals


We aim to help Radio FG enter the US market and we know that word of mouth is the primary factor behind a majority of purchasing decisions.

  • Tap into Gen-Z tendency to seek and share thrilling and unique experiences.

  • Create a sense of exclusivity within the American dance music community.

  • Spread awareness of Radio FG through word of mouth.

  • Focus on the music.

Guerilla Marketing

We bring the walls of your favorite music venues to the streets and a chance at a secret show featuring big name DJs.

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How it works​

We target like-minded househeads, DJs, and dance music enthusiasts by launching interactive advertising as a way to promote discovery.

Hunt the QR codes of their favorite artists and score links to:

  • Radio FG web radio stations

  • Exclusive tracks and past performances 

  • Prompts to download the Radio FG app. 


Find a House Key, win an experience

Some QR codes will unlock House Keys that land you and a +1 tickets to a show at a secret location during Miami Music Week.

It's showtime

The intimate underground live show will feature big acts and back to backs like John Summit, Jamie Jones and David Guetta. It will be simulcasted on the Radio FG YouTube channel, IGTV, TikTok Live. An audio livestream will also run on the Radio FG app and the recording of the stream will live on, posted to YouTube for fans to enjoy later and forever more. EPIC!

Paid & organic social goals

  • Spread awareness about Radio FG, #ThrillHuntFG, the secret show, and livestream.

  • Encourage our target audience to look for the QR codes for a chance to win a House Key.



  • Group related social interaction.

  • Announcements and promotion 

  • Cluster of UGC (user generated content)

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Community FG

We'll create a dedicated space on the app to discuss underground EDM, share recommendations, and discover new artists. Your new spot to stay ahead on trends and tracks.


  • The House Key Lounge: place to connect and build anticipation for the Miami concert.


  • Mix Exchange: Users share their own custom EDM mixes, creating a community-driven content hub.



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