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What we want

We want fans to know that despite its unchanged classic looks on the outside, the Vans Pro Classics are a completely resigned and more durable high performance skate shoe.


What better way to do that than to celebrate classic tales and legendary moments while simultaneously reinventing them.

VANS wants you to leave your legacy.


An omnichannel announcemant​


We will create an omnichannel marketing campaign to announce a big upcoming contest and creation of the new VANS Street Team. It will be branded material across social media channels and eblasts to those signed up to the newsletter, OOH print material, and in-store digital and print material including handouts/flyers.


Marketing material will push the contest with a strong call to action to enter




Tony Hawk went bananas and landed one of the most iconic tricks in skate history at the 1999 X-Games.


He accomplished the coveted 900, a trick many thought to be impossible at the time. Now after 20 years, in 2020, we want to celebrate the accomplishments of Tony and other skate legends who thought outside the box and off the wall.


About the contest​


We want to celebrate with 20 die-hard skate fans at the upcoming 2020 Summer X-Games. Contestants under the age of 18 must have parental consent and we will not accept entry for children under 15.



How it works​

Every other week for 15 weeks leading up to the 2020 X-Games, we will be posting historical content including videos, images, and stories of classic tricks to celebrate the moment, person, event, or historical importance.

Take the trick that was posted and remix it. Just like our shoes we want to see something classic be reinvented. Put your own spin on it. When you have it recorded, repost our post attaching your trick with the hashtags #VansMyTake #VansOTB



Tier​ 1

  • ​A ticket to attend the 2020 X-Games in Minneapolis with the VANS Team.

  • Invitation to join the Vans Street Team (VANS ST.)

  • A swag pack including the new Vans Pro Classics, Branded Clothing, Glasses, a skateboard, etc to get them started.

Tier 2

  • ​They will be invited to join the Vans Street Team (VANS ST.) and the swag pack.

Tier 3

  • ​They will win the swag pack.

More winners

Every other week we will release the next trick/story and announce the winners and runner-ups from the prior week.

1. Runner-ups may re-enter for a chance to win a 1st place ticket.


2. Follow our main social media accounts FB (18M), IG (18M), Twitter (1.8M) Snapchat and join in on the show. Retweet one of our posts mentioned before with the hashtag #VANSOTB


3. When you purchase the Vans Pro Classics in store you enter for a chance to win.





The Vans Street Team (AKA VANS ST.) is a hand-selected group of skaters, men and women, that have shown great attitude, huge enthusiasm, and tremendous support for skating in their community and for Vans as a whole.


Led by our sponsored pros and the rest of Team Vans, these skaters have been chosen for their skills on and off the rails.

Their professionalism and their overall positive attitude are qualities that Vans admires and respects. The Street Team will be encouraged throughout the year, to participate in events, connect with the skate community and help promote the Vans brand and the sport of skating as a whole.


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The results

This campaign delivers on many levels.


It begins with a strong call to action, generating buzz & extreme excitement.


It has longevity, lasting over many weeks of organic content creation generating nostalgia, customer and fan engagement, FOMO, growth of social media accounts, and new impressions.


The contest itself generates shoe and merchandise sales, brand awareness, and  FOMO.


Finally, with the creation of the new VANS Street Team, another avenue has been opened capable of guerrilla marketing and more sales.



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